Chillicothe School District receives gift of nearly $120K from Chillicothe Education Foundation

Chillicothe R-2 School District

The Chillicothe R-2 School District departments have been the fortunate recipients of a generous gift from the Chillicothe Education Foundation totaling $119,304.98. This considerable donation was made in honor of the late Loraine Roark, a former resident of Chillicothe.

Superintendent Dan Wiebers has stated that $89,000 of these funds are earmarked for the Music Department. This allocation will cover various expenses, including new uniforms for the Chillicothe High School Marching Hornets, essential instruments, and accessories for both the band and the Show Choir. The uniforms alone are estimated to cost $60,000, with an additional $20,000 provided by district funds that have been allocated for this purpose. The purchase list includes a new alto clarinet, bass trombone, two euphoniums, a banner, and various band and choir accessories. The Show Choir will benefit from a $30,000 portion of the donation.

The Business Department will receive $19,000 to enhance its classroom resources. Planned acquisitions include a credit card reader, a sublimation printer, dry-erase whiteboards, window treatments, computer software, classroom headphones, a photo lightbox, vinyl laminate countertops, and Cricut Mug and Hat presses.

Additionally, the Drama Department is set to utilize $10,000 from the donation to acquire an orchestra pit net.

Wiebers emphasized that this donation would significantly contribute to improving and modernizing the departments to fulfill student needs and better equip them for post-graduation endeavors.

Education Foundation Member Susan Fair reminisced about Loraine Roark’s passion for music, highlighting her engagement with music through playing the piano and organ, singing duets with her sister Geraldine, and her participation in the Community Choir and the Chillicothe First Christian Church Choir.

Roark was also recognized for her business acumen, reflected in her initial post-high school role as a secretary for the county superintendent of schools, followed by a career in the Division of Family Services.