Chillicothe Police Department activity report for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Chillicothe Police Activity Report
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The Chillicothe Police Department was active on January 31, 2024, engaging in various operations including traffic stops, business checks, paper service, and advancing numerous investigations. The department adeptly handled 83 calls for service, ensuring public safety and community well-being.

  • 03:55 AM Evidence officers conducted custodial duties.
  • 09:34 AM: Residents reported water encroachment from an adjacent property. Officers advised contacting the city codes office for resolution.
  • 10:56 AM: The Animal Control Officer (ACO) addressed a dog at large on the 100 block of Washington Street, promptly returning the animal to its owner.
  • 11:13 AM: A medical alarm was reported in the 400 block of Collier Street. Officers found that the individual had already received assistance.
  • 11:21 AM: The ACO discussed feral cat trapping strategies with residents of the 300 block of Clay.
  • 11:27 AM: A missing cat report was filed.
  • 11:30 AM: The search for a missing dog commenced in the vicinity of Gravesville Park.
  • 11:39 AM: A shoplifting incident was investigated in the 600 block of Business 36 HWY, revealing no theft occurred as the item was not removed from the store.
  • 11:47 AM: Stray cats were reported in the 400 block of Calhoun.
  • 12:49 PM: An adult female was arrested at the Livingston Co Courthouse, and released on an OR bond for an active warrant.
  • 12:58 PM: Dogs running at large were reported around 500 Calhoun Street; however, they were not located.
  • 01:46 PM: A theft report was initiated at the LEC, with some items being recovered at a local pawn shop. A suspect has been identified, with charges pending.
  • 01:58 PM: An adult male was processed for bonding on municipal citations from another city, receiving a new court date.

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