Chillicothe Fire Department responds to grass fires on Sunday

Grass Fires

Two motor vehicles were on fire and grass was burning around them when Chillicothe firefighters arrived mid-afternoon Sunday to the scene on LIV Road 512.  A mutual aid request was sent to Jamesport and Lock Springs fire departments.

A Chillicothe department report quotes one of the owners as saying one vehicle got stuck in the mud and they were trying to use the other to pull it free when grass beneath the vehicles caught fire. Firefighters used the mule, brush truck and backpack blowers to control and extinguish the fire. Both a 2004 GMC and a 2009 Chevy burned as did approximately ten acres of grass. The department noted the Chevy pickup belonged to Brent Minnick with the GMC truck belonging to Jake Denton.  The land is owned by Barbara Logan.  Firefighters were at the scene 90 minutes.

Chillicothe firefighters also responded two grass fires, one late afternoon Sunday took place at 249 Southwest Drive where a grass fire was described as within three feet from the house. Upon arrival, the homeowner, Robert Oberry, and a neighbor were spraying water on the fire. Approximately 100 gallons was used to wet the area.  There was a small brush pile being burned in the backyard and it spread quickly to bushes next to the house burning bushes and siding. Damage was limited to the metal siding.

A grass fire last evening was at 3896 LIV Road 514, owned by Benjamin Sutton, where two areas of an uncontrolled fire was burning in open fields and timber. Chillicothe firemen used brush trucks and backpack blowers to extinguish the fire with firefighters on the scene for 80 minutes Sunday evening.