Chillicothe City Council announces terminations from the city’s police department

Chillicothe City Hall
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Additional information has been received from Wednesday’s (December 27th) meeting of Chillicothe’s City Council, where two employees of the city’s police department had their employment terminated during an executive session.

Terminated immediately were Detective Whitney Murdock and Officer Jeremiah Hibner.  The Chillicothe City Council has chosen not to divulge the reasons for the decision.

In other news, the council approved reimbursement to Chillicothe Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Amy Supple, a check for an underpayment to her Grand River Area Visitors Bureau payroll checks for 2021.  The reimbursement was for $11,390.80.  The underpayment was determined after Hardin Cummins Moss and Miller completed work on an audit.


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