Chillicothe Fire Department battles house fire on Cherry Street

House Fire

On Sunday afternoon, the Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a house fire at 410 Cherry Street with owners listed as Dana Miller and Wesley Stagg.

Upon arrival, firefighters found a two-story home with fire coming out the windows on the south side. When entering the house, firefighters found heavy smoke on the main floor and fire in the living room where it was moving up a wall.

Firefighters went upstairs and began pulling the ceiling to find heavy smoke and flames in the attic. Some areas were extinguished, and smoke was still coming from the west end of the eaves. The attic vent cover was removed as firefighters continuing to pour water and foam on the west end. A chainsaw was used to cut a three by three access hole in the roof. Efforts were made to gain access to where the fire was, but personnel had to go inside and cut through another section, with three spots cut in the roof. The fire was said to between the layers of plywood and two layers of shingles.

Fire Captain Tracy Bradley quoted an owner as saying he was in an upstairs room when he began to smell smoke. When he went to the main floor, it was full of smoke with curtains on fire and some flames on the wall. Fire extinguishers were used to try to put it out, but that was unsuccessful, so he hollered for a neighbor to call 911.

Approximately 2,000 gallons of water and 12 gallons of foam were used with the Chillicothe Fire Department on the scene at the Cherry Street address for three hours on Sunday.