Cameron Veterans Home adopts “no visitor” policy to ensure safety of residents

Cameron Veterans Home

Precautionary measures are being taken at the Missouri Veterans Home in Cameron in regards to the Coronavirus.

Missouri Veterans Commission Communications Director Jamie Melchert says access was restricted to all seven Missouri Veterans Homes began Sunday morning. No guests, vendors, or volunteers are being allowed inside the homes. Deliveries are being made outside, and employees are bringing them inside.

Staff members are also being monitored by taking their temperatures and vital signs. Families of veterans are encouraged to call or use Facetime to communicate with their family members.

Melchert says the elderly are more susceptible to the virus, and the homes want to protect the veterans they serve. He notes that as of Thursday morning, no residents at any of the homes have tested positive for the Coronavirus, and no staff have exhibited signs of the illness.

The Missouri Veterans Commission will continue to monitor the situation and work with the state Department of Health and Senior Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.