Audio/Video: Rhonda Vincent shares story behind hit song “I Miss Missouri” at Trenton Concert

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage band
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Award-winning Rhonda Vincent and the Rage appeared Thursday night in Trenton, performing the number one song on the Bluegrass music chart, “The City of New Orleans.”

You can listen to Rhonda Vincent sing “The City of New Orleans” below:



Her grandson, who is a year and a half old, inspired Vincent to shoot the song’s video. She credits a videographer for finding a suitable location in Nashville.



One of the songs performed Thursday night in Trenton by Rhonda Vincent and the Rage was written by Grand Ole Opry veteran Jeannie Seeley.

Speaking from the stage of the Trenton High School Performing Arts Center, Vincent told the crowd it was their first time performing the song live.

Vincent explained that the song “I Miss Missouri” inspired her to focus on what she calls “destination songs” in her latest recording project.



The Rhonda Vincent and the Rage concert served as a benefit for the Dream Factory of Northwest Missouri. Ron Dougan of Trenton is the long-time local contact for the nonprofit Dream Factory.

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