Audio: Trenton’s water plant, built in the 1960s, due for improvements to better treat water

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The Trenton Water Plant was built in the 1960s. Some improvements have been made throughout the years, but a project is planned for more upkeep.

City Administrator Ron Urton says original basins are still in use as part of the process to treat water.



Urton notes technology has changed a lot since the water plant was built, and improvements can be made to the concrete.

Urton says the mixing system framework is also original equipment.



Urton says it is time for an upgrade because the improvements will make it so the plant can better treat the water.



Urton explains the cold and winter weather made it difficult for the engineering firm working on the project to get measurements of the basins. Measurements were taken in early March.

He anticipates the engineering company to have a report to the Trenton Utility Committee this month with more detail and preliminary cost estimates.

Urton mentions the project could cost $1.8 million to $2.5 million. The city may have to borrow money.