Audio: The Dream Factory makes dreams come true for chronically ill children

Dream Factory Website

Children who are seriously or chronically ill can participate in a “dream vacation” thanks to the efforts of the Dream Factory.

One of the volunteers for the Dream Factory of Northwest Missouri is Ron Dougan of Trenton who describes some of the “dreams come true.”



Dougan noted the Dream Factory coordinates all trips and even gives the family, spending money.



To nominate an eligible child for a possible dream, individuals may contact Ron Dougan at his office, 660-359-0100, 903 Main Street in Trenton, or the Northwest Missouri office of the Dream Factory which is at St. Joseph at 816-364-1993.

Dougan has arranged a fundraising concert in Trenton as a benefit for the Dream Factory. Rhonda Vincent and the Rage perform the night of October 6. Advance tickets are $25 and can be purchased at HyVee customer service, or the 903 Main Street offices of Ron Dougan, or the Downtown Trenton Improvement Association. Dougan anticipates a sell-out for the 500 plus Trenton High School Performing Arts Center.

The Rhonda Vincent concert will be the first non-school venue presented at the Performing Arts Center which opened in April 2021. Besides ticket sales, Dougan is accepting donations to help in the cost of bringing Rhonda Vincent to Trenton.

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