Audio: Livingston County Clerk testifies in Jefferson City on Bill relating to absentee ballots

Absentee Voting

Missouri lawmakers in both parties were surprised to learn Wednesday that absentee ballots cast by voters who later died should NOT have counted, under current state law.


The issue came up numerous times during a Missouri House elections committee hearing on Wednesday. Carrollton GOP State Representative Peggy McGaugh and her colleagues in both parties agree that if a Missouri voter casts an absentee ballot and then dies before the election, that vote SHOULD count. McGaugh testifies that under current state law, that vote does not count, adding that some Missouri county clerks check obits in their local newspapers. Lawmakers also learned that not all clerks check the obits. McGaugh wants to end the confusion by passing her bill this session.

Livingston County Clerk Sherry Parks testified for the bill, emphasizing that she prefers voters to come to her office to make sure their votes count.



Parks supports legislation from Carrollton State Representative Peggy McGaugh, which contains 14 main provisions.