Audio: How Missouri’s cannabis industry flourished in year one

Missouri Marijuana News Graphic
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(Missourinet) – Missouri’s cannabis industry remains healthy as the one-year anniversary of legal recreational sales approaches. One reason it’s booming is because all of the marijuana sold in Missouri is produced here as well. Jack Cardetti with MoCannTrade says that’s because marijuana is still illegal under federal law:



“We’re talking about, you know, cannabis being grown here in the state of Missouri, cannabis being turned into an edible or a vape or a tincture here in Missouri, and then in one of about 205 dispensaries in Missouri are the ones that are selling that at retail. So all that has to take place within our state’s borders.”

Cardetti says the requirement is also a big part of the reason why marijuana sales reached $1.2 billion during the first 11 months of recreational sales in Missouri.

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