Calamity Jane Days Baby Show results

Baby Show Graphic

Activities at Calamity Jane Days in Princeton concluded on Sunday with a variety of contests and family-oriented fun.  The Baby Show was held on Saturday, and we have the results listed below.


Calamity Jane Days Baby Show Winners




 1st Knysli Kelly Patrick &Cati Kelly GrainValley

2nd Abigayle Priest Chris & Rachel Priest Kirksville


1st Ridge Francis Chad &Kaysi Francis Princeton

2nd Wylder Wollenzien Levi &Jasey Wollenzien Newtown

3rd Tucker Covey Mallory Birge Princeton

Best Outfit 

Jedson Siemer-Sharp Bre Siemer Laredo


4-6 Months


1st Scottlyn Shull Kelli&Scott Shull Trenton 


1st Remington Hudson Gillain Eckert Milan 

2nd Boyd Elsberry Kimbery &Sam Elsberry Mt.Ayr


7-12 Months


1st Everleigh Purvis Allie Purvis Princeton

2nd Rilyann Huffman Jessica &Thomas Huffman Trenton 

3rd Lauren Shanley Nancy &Mark Shanley Princeton 


 1st Grayson Huffman Jessica &Thomas Huffman Trenton 

2nd Parker Stafford Malachi Luper &Matt Stafford Harris 

 3rd River Cracraft Sherea &Aaron Cracraft 

P.Eyes Layton Cortez Samantha&Austin Cortez Texas 


13-18 Months 


1stAmelia James Granddaughter of Dawn Stout Princeton 

2ndEvie Mason Laura &Martin Mason Princeton 

3 Eiszlee Nguyen Amy Nguyen Trenton 


1st Kaine Smith Syden&Kenton Smith Blythedale 



Girls 0


1st Hoyt Carr Alisha Marsh&Bo Carr Ridgeway


2-3 Year old 


1st Baylor Eveans Becca &Nathan Eveans Princeton 

2nd Alaina Cortez Samatha &Austin Cortez Texas 

3rd Hayslee Berndt Tiffany &Johnathan Berndt 


1stGraysen Demoss Cody &Anna Demoss Princeton 

2nd Hyde Hamilton Montana &Justin Holt Cainsville 

3rd Miles Johnson Rafaela&Jeff Johnson Princeton 

B.Outfit Brixton Holt Montana &Justin Holt Mercer 


3-4 Year old 


 Princess 1st Paisley Power Derek &Lacey Power Princeton 

2nd Maylee Donelson Marcy &Brock Donelson Cambridge Ia 

3rd Ellie Campbell Leslie &Cody Campbell 

B.Outfit Madison Holt Amanda &Chance Holt Princeton Marlee Mason Laura &Martin Mason Princeton 

P.eyes Gracie Mason Laura &Martin Mason Princeton 


 Prince 1st Zayden Stout Mindy Gilbert &Robert Stout Princeton 

2nd Barrett Berwanger Emily &Preston Berwanger Lineville 

3rd Jaxon Wollenzien Jasey &Levi Wollenzien Newtown Wyatt Redd Alisha Marsh Ridgeway 


5-6 year old 


1st Lt.Miss Calamity Savannah Linthacum Sara &Aaron Linthacum Ridgeway 

2nd Scarlett Campbell Leslie &Cody Campball Princeton 

3rd Emery Houck Jessica &Cole Houck Princeton 

B.Outfit Rynlee Cracraft Sherea &Aaron Cracraft 

P.eyes Keslie Holt Montana &Justin Holt Mercer 


 Wild Bill 1st Oliver Johnson Rafaela&Jeff Johnson Princeton 

2nd Declan Smith Melissa Smith Milan 

3rd Aiden Redd Alisha Marsh Ridgeway  


Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash