2024 Courtwarming week at THS dazzles with “Disco Glam” theme

Disco Dazzle or Disco Glam for THS Courtwarming
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The theme for Courtwarming 2024, “Disco Glam,” has been set. Activities will run from January 16 to January 20, celebrating this special week.

The coronation is scheduled for the home basketball game on January 19 at the THS gym. The announcement of the king and queen will occur during the interval between the boys’ and girls’ games.

Court warming attendants include Freshman Makayla Mejia, escorted by Jacob White; Sophomore Olivia Tabbert, accompanied by Garrison Otto; and Junior Astrid Soriano, with escort Maxx Baker. Senior candidates for Courtwarming Queen and King are Ella Novak and Seth Doolittle, Madi Moore and Braydn Sager, along with Katelyn Clark and Gabe Novak. The crown bearers will be Lucy Guthrie, daughter of Amy and John Guthrie, and Karter Cool, son of Kali and Kameron Cool.

A Courtwarming Royalty Presentation is scheduled for 6:45 p.m. on January 20 in the Performing Arts Center. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. The semi-formal dance for grades 9-12 will take place in the THS gym on Saturday, concluding at 9:00 p.m. Professional photo sessions will begin at 6:00 p.m.

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