Trenton police issue citation following accident at Highway 65 and 28th Street

Accident Graphic

The Trenton Police Department reports a Princeton woman sustained minor injuries when one sports utility vehicle struck another at the intersection of Highway 65 and 28th Street on December 13th. A Trenton woman received a citation after the collision.

Emergency medical services took 69-year-old Karen Sue Isaacs of Princeton to Wright Memorial Hospital. No injuries were reported for the other driver, 74-year-old Anna Bell Gebhardt of Trenton.

Isaacs’s SUV traveled north on Highway 65, and the other SUV traveled east on 28th Street. Police Officer Jeff Spencer’s report indicates Gebhardt said she stopped at the stop sign, looked before pulling into the intersection, and did not see the other SUV. Gebhardt stated her vision was obstructed due to the sun, and her SUV hit Isaacs’s SUV in the driver’s side. Isaacs told law enforcement she saw Gebhardt’s SUV approaching her SUV but could not avoid the collision.

Isaacs’s SUV received moderate damage and the other SUV minor damage.

Gebhardt was cited for alleged failure to yield at a stop intersection.

Assistance was provided at the scene by Trenton Police Officer Trever Ratliff, Grundy County Emergency Medical Services, and the Trenton Fire Department.

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