Audio: Live Nativity set for Friday, December 12 at Sunnyview Nursing Home

A live nativity will be held outdoors on the grounds of Sunnyview Nursing Home in Trenton. The free event will start on December 12th at 5:30 in the evening.

Spokesperson Cindy Jennings acknowledges that the Trenton High School Vespers service starts at the First Baptist Church at 5 pm, and supper at Sunnyview is also at 5 pm.



There will be individuals portraying characters and animals. Jennings also plans to have music.



Vehicles can drive through the live nativity, or they can park in the parking lot at Sunnyview or across the street to walk through. Attendees can also bring lawn chairs to sit and enjoy the nativity scene.

Jennings says gifts were handed out to each vehicle last year, and she plans to give something to each vehicle this year, too.

Adults and children can volunteer to play parts in the live nativity on December 12th. Anyone wanting to play a part should contact Jennings at 660-359-1923.

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