Trenton’s Historic Preservation Commission defines area of Trenton to be designated as historic district

Trenton, Missouri

Trenton’s Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday evening approved a resolution as part of the process in setting up a historic district in the downtown area.

The document explains the significance of the district as it relates to the criteria for designation and integrity. It also lists types of exterior architectural features that are to be protected by the district. Other city code requirements are included in the resolution. These include the proposal for design guidelines and a review of appropriateness within the district.

The document also describes efforts to identify and nominate all potential cultural resources that meet the criteria for designation. Recommendations have been made for permitted uses, special uses, height and area regulations, minimum dwelling size, floor area, sign regulations, lot size, and parking regulations.

The designated area for the historic district includes Main Street between West Crowder Road and 4th Street, extending one block on either side. Also included is a portion of West Crowder, west to the 600 block to include the former John McCullough residence which is on the National Register of Historic Places. There’s also an area just off West 4th Street to include a residence belonging to the Tom Brown family which officials say could possibly have some historical significance to the community. Public hearings were held in late February with property owners from the designated areas allowing them to comment and receive information about the process.

The resolution advances for consideration by the Trenton Planning and Zoning Commission which will set the date and time for a public hearing. Letters are to be sent to property owners within the proposed historic district informing them of that hearing. The next step after a recommendation from the planning and zoning board involves a review and final approval from the Trenton City Council.

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