Trenton Water Treatment Plant to change disinfection process

Trenton Water Treatment Plant

The Trenton Municipal Utilities Water Treatment Plant will temporarily make changes to water disinfection beginning next week.

The plant will start utilizing free chlorine, or a free chlorine conversion, in its water system October 1st. TMU reports the free chlorine will be used instead of chloramines as the disinfectant at the water treatment plant. This process will occur for three or four weeks to help cleanse pipe walls and reduce the occurrence of nitrification and biofilm.

The change will affect customers of Trenton Municipal Utilities, Grundy County Public Water Supply District Number 1, the cities of Galt and Spickard, and Western Sullivan County. TMU reports there are no associated health risks to the process.

The water department will monitor disinfectant levels continually during the conversion to ensure water is safe to drink. There may be times of lower water pressure as well as possible odor, taste, discoloration, or small particles in the water, but TMU notes it does not mean the water is unsafe to drink.

Questions and concerns may be directed to the water treatment plant at 660-359-3211.