Trenton Utility Committee sending to full council plan to produce power in Trenton

City of Trenton

The Trenton Utility Committee has voted to send to the full council a means to allow electricity to be produced at Trenton for use in the city for times when the power supply that Trenton purchases are curtailed, such as in severe storms.

City Clerk Cindy Simpson says the cost is about $59,000 for the project called Black Start and has been added to the agenda for Monday night’s council meeting.

Also added to the council agenda were consideration of removing additional lime sludge at the water treatment plant and consideration of rebuilding a motor for a spreader truck used by the sewer department at a cost of about $35,000.

The city council, in August, approved a bid for Denali Water Solutions of Russellville, Arkansas to remove lime sludge at the water treatment plant, and it was mentioned in August, TMU officials would talk internally, and with the contractor, about the possibility of removing additional sludge because the bid was considerably less than other bidders.

The utility committee also discussed the possibility of running fiber optics to city-owned facilities to help with computer monitoring of utility operations.