Governor Parson bans China-owned Agricultural Land Near Critical Military Facilities

Missouri Governor Mike Parson (Photo courtesy Missouri Governor's office)
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In a press conference at the State Capitol in Jefferson City on Tuesday, Governor Mike Parson announced the issuance of Executive Order 24-01. The order prohibits individuals and businesses from nations identified as foreign adversaries from acquiring agricultural land within a 10-mile radius of critical military facilities in the State of Missouri.

Joined by Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Chris Chinn, Missouri Department of Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten, and Missouri National Guard Adjutant General Levon Cumpton, Governor Parson underscored the importance of this executive action. The move is aimed at addressing concerns, particularly with regard to China, and enhancing the protection of military and intelligence assets.

“With heightened concerns regarding ownership of Missouri farmland by foreign adversaries, especially China, we are signing this order to safeguard our military and intelligence assets, prevent security threats to our state, and give Missourians greater peace of mind,” Governor Parson stated during the press conference. “When it comes to China and other foreign adversaries, we must take common-sense precautions that protect Missourians and our security resources.”

Lt. Governor Kehoe commended Governor Parson for this decisive step, emphasizing the importance of protecting Missourians, military assets, and critical infrastructure against foreign adversaries while maintaining strong relationships with international allies and economic partners. “China is our nation’s most hostile foreign adversary, and Missouri cannot allow individuals and companies associated with the Chinese Communist Party to buy and exploit Missouri land,” Lt. Governor Kehoe added.

This executive order reflects a commitment to national security and the responsible stewardship of Missouri’s agricultural and military resources in the face of evolving geopolitical challenges.

(Photo courtesy of Missouri Governor’s Office) 

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