Trenton Street Department has productive year selling asphalt

Trenton Asphalt Plant

It was a productive year for the asphalt plant of the Trenton Street Department.

City Administrator Ron Urton provided a written report to the city council at Monday night’s meeting. The report stated that asphalt sales through September were about 42,000 tons. The city has held back enough rock for street department projects yet this fall. Urton noted that Trenton had to halt asphalt sales in the middle of October due to a lack of available rock. He indicated the plant perhaps could have sold 5,000 more tons of asphalt if there had been enough rock.

With winter approaching, Urton stated the asphalt plant would be shut down around the end of this month. City officials have been talking with workers at the quarry about the crushing schedule and a preliminary estimate of how much rock will be needed next year.

Urton also reported that the water main contractor, Flinn, has been finishing work south of Oklahoma Avenue. Their work has delayed the street department in finishing the paving of 10th Street and Kerfoot. Rain this week could also delay work.

Another contractor has finished connection work at the reservoir pumping station to the water plant. Urton noted only concrete slab work and minor interior work are needed to finish this project. A bid was awarded to another contractor Monday night for improvements at the river pump station, also at the Trenton water treatment plant.