Trenton resident ordered to serve jail time in lieu of owing money to the court

Crime and Courts

A Trenton resident. William Edwards Grimes the fourth was ordered to serve time in jail in lieu of paying the balance of money owed to the court.

Grimes is to serve 14 days at the Grundy county detention center to compensate for still owing $120.50 on a conviction of violating a protection order for an adult on July 2nd. Credit was given for serving seven of the days as of Tuesday.

At a hearing involving another Trenton resident, Christian Wayne Jones, received a suspended probation with a balance still due on a conviction for trespassing in the first degree more than two years ago. The court noted he owes $236.50 and probation supervision fees. Jones was released on an own recognizance bond of $2,500 with the special terms that he pay all fees due for probation, plus the court costs, and that he remains drug-free. He was ordered to return to the circuit court on January 12th.

Trenton resident Desmond Alexander Calton pleaded guilty to being a minor visibility intoxicated with a blood alcohol content that officials said was more than .02 percent on July 4th. Calton was fined $200 plus court costs.  He is also to pay a $59 recoupment fee to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and $100 to the Law Enforcement Restitution Fund.