Trenton Middle School announces winners from Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

The winners have been announced from the Trenton Middle School Spelling Bee.

Fifth-grade winner Malachi Kottwitz won with the word career. The runner up was Jackson Lewis, and the alternate is Addison Todd.

Henry Lasley won the sixth-grade competition with the word ponytail. The runner up was Colton Ledbetter, and Aubree Wilson is the alternate.

Titus Kottwitz won the seventh-grade bee with the word pedestrian. Chy Turner was the runner up, and Isaac Bonta is the alternate.

The eighth-grade winner was Shay Turner, who won with the word clatter. Colton Hammond was the runner up, and Wade Houser is the alternate.

The winners and alternates will compete at the Grundy County Spelling Bee at the Trenton Middle School on January 29th.