Trenton City Council to review five ordinances, one resolution on April 22

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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The Trenton City Council will consider five ordinances and one resolution on April 22. The council will convene at Trenton City Hall at 7 p.m.

One ordinance would ratify policies established by the city for infill housing and a property transfer program.

Two ordinances will propose amendments to the city code. One amendment aims to introduce a new article for setting standards for the collocation, maintenance, and modification of small cell wireless facilities in the public right of way. Another amendment would ensure that four members of the city council, one from each ward, are appointed by the mayor to the city’s standing committees.

Another ordinance will confirm amendments to the budget, which was passed and ordained as an ordinance, signed and enacted on April 8.

Additionally, an ordinance on the agenda will officially declare the results of the general election held in the city on April 2. This includes the election of one councilman from each of the four wards for a regular term of two years and the proposal on whether Trenton should implement a half-percent sales tax for economic development.

The resolution outlines the intention to allocate funding in the 2025-2026 fiscal year for the 20% matching funds required for the 16th Street Sidewalk Project under the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program Grant Program.

Unfinished business includes the proposed removal of Council Member David Mlika from the Finance Committee as a temporary member and discussions regarding the merit/years of service pay scale and grade and position table.

The agenda also features the swearing-in of newly elected officials, the appointment of four committees, the election of the president pro-tem, liaison members of five boards, a Muddy Creek boring bid, a Verizon water tower agreement, and a closed session for legal matters.

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