Trenton Building and Nuisance Board takes action on five properties

City of Trenton Website

Trenton’s Building and Nuisance Board Monday evening took action on five properties of concern. Five members of the board attended the brief 10-minute meeting at 5 o’clock at Trenton City Hall.

A business building at 1117 Main Street was moved to the category “Findings of Fact.” Bricks have fallen in the past from the upper north side of the corner building. Building Inspector and Code Officer Wes Barone said “nothing has been done.”

The board voted to advance 1600 Main to a “certificate of existence of a dangerous building,” but Barone said he was told by a family member that the owner is planning to sell the house. If that occurs, the “fix-up” process would have to start over since there’s a new owner.

A report was presented on 604 Linn Street which Barone says does have a new owner. While the location was advanced to a “certificate of existence of a dangerous building,” Barone noted the process will have to start over because of the new owner.

The old freight house on Laclede Street also was advanced to a “certificate of a dangerous building.” Barone quoted the owner, Shane Michael, as planning to salvage the bricks when the freight building is torn down.

The update on a business building at 1109 Main shows a certificate of existence of a dangerous building has been filed on the real estate deed at the courthouse.

Building and Nuisance Board members present were Dave Mlika, Vicki Meservey, Gaylon McCorkle, David Matthews, and Harry Kately. Two other board members were absent.