Trenton Building and Nuisance Board discuss actions on five properties

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

With the prospect of having a potential buyer, the Trenton Building and Nuisance Board on Monday evening voted to release one property from restrictions and the board chose not, at this time, to release another property from its control.

Building Inspector Wes Barone said title searches on both locations revealed the existence of a dangerous building. Regarding 3400 Serendipity Lane, the board agreed to its release provided that the owner pays the $27 it will cost the city to file the necessary paperwork with the recorder’s office.

At 3307 East 10th Street, the location of the former Lakeview Restaurant and Motel, the board was reluctant to release it from the certificate of existence of dangerous building until an issue can be resolved with some concrete where the burned motel existed. The board had gone through the process to require the burned structure to be cleaned up, which it eventually was. The swimming pool has been filled in. Board member Gaylon Corckle, via Zoom, told members about an issue he saw with existing concrete which he feels a possible future owner should be aware of. In noting the delay, the board is requesting further information while consenting to re-consider the request for a release at next months’ meeting.

401 Monroe, the site of a December fire, was moved to the declaration of a nuisance.

Members noted the extreme cold and snowy weather has delayed work at two locations. Extensions were given to 604 Linn Street and 1000 Rural Street. It was noted 1117 Main Street has been recorded with a certificate of a dangerous building.

Six members of the building board were present at city hall for the meeting.