Sullivan County Emergency Planning Committee to hold annual meeting

Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Sullivan County Local Emergency Planning Committee will hold its required annual meeting at the Milan Community Center Tuesday, February 21st at noon.

The committee develops hazardous material emergency plans for any hazardous material incident, such as a natural disaster.

Representatives from school districts are encouraged to attend as hazardous material emergency plans usually involve the use of school gyms and cafeterias as shelters.

The public is welcome to attend the meeting.

Individuals wanting to address the planning committee should provide advanced notice to Chairperson Dennis Goldsmith before the meeting at 660-265-5619.

Federal law requires each county in Missouri to have a Local Emergency Planning Committee made up of representatives from elected state and local officials, law enforcement, civil defense, firefighting, first aid, health, local environmental, hospital and transportation personnel, broadcast and print media, community groups, and owners and operators of facilities who have hazardous materials as defined by current statutes.