NCMC to offer 8-week online courses

North Central Missouri College

North Central Missouri College is offering eight-week online courses.

These courses are described as “faster than a traditional semester course” but still maintain the same academic rigor. While North Central Missouri College has been offering a few online classes in an eight-week format, this semester NCMC will be expanding those eight-week online options.

A recent market and research report indicate online students prefer shorter academic terms such as 5 to 8-week classes. These courses are expected to allow for more enrollment opportunities. The college notes not everyone’s schedule allows time to be in a classroom three days a week for an entire semester.

Dr. Sharon Weiser stated “NCMC is always looking for ways to better serve students. By offering online courses in the format students prefer, the college believes they will be more successful. The shorter term allows students to focus on a few courses, successfully complete those, and then move on to more courses.

Beginning March 6th, NCMC courses will be provided for the eight-week online sessions. They are Art Appreciation, Micro Computer Applications one and two; English, National Government, General Psychology, and Speech.

Eight-week courses that have been previously offered will continue including Intermediate Algebra, Writing Improvement, and Health Education.