Charges Filed: Southwest Livingston County R-1 School Principal arrested

Charges Filed

The Southwest Livingston County R-1 School District reports that the School Principal Scott Calhoun was recently taken into custody by law enforcement and that an investigation is continuing.

Online court information shows Christopher Scott Calhoun was charged Friday with two counts of felony stealing– one from February 2nd of this year and the other from March 2nd of last year. The charges were filed Friday by Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren.  The information shows bond was set at $10,000 cash subject to an appearance yet to be scheduled in the Associate Division of the Livingston County Circuit Court

According to a Facebook posting, the Southwest R-1 district reports it’s cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation. The district noted Scott Calhoun has been placed on leave for the time being. The message from the school at Ludlow goes on to assure the public that at no time was the safety and security of the District’s students at risk, and the allegations made in this matter do not involve harm to any students.

Southwest R-1 reports due to the investigation ongoing, the district will not release any further details at this time. The school district plans to monitor the situation and quote “respond appropriately.” The prepared statement concludes that Southwest R-1’s commitment is to provide students a safe and caring learning environment.

The department of elementary and secondary education website shows Southwest R-1 has a total of 173 Kindergarten through 12 students from four communities: Ludlow, Dawn, Utica, and Mooresville. It also noted Scott Calhoun is in his first year as the Principal but has three years employment with the school district.


Southwest R-1 School Ludlow
Southwest R-1 School Ludlow