Reptiles and snow removal main topics of Trenton Administrative Committee meeting

City of Trenton Website

Trenton’s Administrative Committee has instructed the city attorney to prepare a draft document that modifies a current ordinance regarding the existence of reptiles.

This followed a request from Adam Clear who noted differences exist between the city code and state statutes regarding the length of a snake that can be kept. His thoughts were presented initially at a meeting of the Trenton City Council last month which referred discussion to the administrative committee that met last evening.

For instance, the state statute says snakes can be no longer than eight feet while the city ordinance says no longer than six feet in length. City Attorney Tara Walker has been asked to prepare an ordinance for city council consideration that includes when harboring a snake, restrictions on their length, the establishment of a permit, a fee for each animal, along with proof of liability insurance.

Clear repeated his intention to use profits from breeding and selling reptiles, to open a small reptile zoo, preferable in a downtown Trenton location. He said it would be a place for kids and other visitors to view reptiles at no charge.

Councilman Glen Briggs brought up at the request of others what to do about snow not being removed from sidewalks, including along the 9th Street Bridge. It was noted no bids were submitted during the last time a snow removal request was made.  Questions were raised on the city’s liability if it were to hire someone. The committee voted three to nothing to leave things as they are. Besides Briggs, others attending were Danny Brewer and Dave Mlika.