Princeton man facing felony charges in Grundy County after multiple DWI convictions


A 35-year old Princeton resident, Billy Fischer, has been charged in Grundy County with driving while intoxicated, persistent offender, and felony driving without a valid license, on Monday.

The DWI charge indicates Fischer previously was convicted of DWI in Arkansas in 2009 as well as pleading guilty to DWI in Buchanan County in 2002.

The driving without a valid license charge indicates Fischer was convicted of driving without a license in Mercer County in 2014, found guilty of driving while suspended or without a valid license three other times in 2012, 2009, and in 1998 at St. Joseph, Buchanan County, and Easton.

Fischer is free on bond pending an appearance Tuesday, April 12 in Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court.