Pleasant View R-VI students to present “Star Bucks” musical on Dec 8

Star Bucks the musical news graphic
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Students at Pleasant View R-VI are preparing for their annual Christmas program, scheduled for Friday, December 8, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the school gymnasium. The event will showcase a variety of performances, including Mrs. Richman’s Preschool, the elementary band, the Kindergarten class, and students from 1st through 8th grades.

This year, the program is centered around the musical, “Star Bucks!”, a creative and engaging play written by John Jacobson & Walter Jack. The storyline follows Santa Claus as he gears up for his annual journey across the globe, with Rudolph and the other reindeer leading the way. However, a twist arises as Rudolph, overwhelmed and stressed, finds his nose losing its iconic shine. Facing the need for a sabbatical, Rudolph’s dilemma prompts Santa to organize a musical competition, reminiscent of “Dancing with the Stars”, to find a new leader for his sleigh.

The community is invited to join in celebrating the talents and hard work of Pleasant View R-VI’s students at this event.

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