Nine addresses on tap for demolition this year in Trenton

Wrecking Ball
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Subject to bids and cost-sharing between the city and owners, as many as nine structures could be demolished this year in Trenton.

Four of the locations also include a garage. Bids are due at the Trenton City Hall by 2 pm on April 19th. Interested contractors are to attend an April 12th meeting at 9 am for an inspection tour of the designated properties.

As in past years, the city of Trenton will pay up to $2,500 per location as long as the owners are willing to pay the rest of the cost for demolitions. The city council budgeted $50,000 for housing demolitions. Depending on the bids, and the owner’s financial involvement, it’s possible the available funds may run out before all properties are removed, debris is hauled off, the site is cleaned and brought up to grade. The vacant lot will remain the property of its owner.

Building inspector Wes Barone provided a list of addresses for the proposed demolition this year.

In no particular order, the list includes a house and garage at:

  • 2113 Mable Street
  • 217 Main Street
  • 503 West 12th Street
  • 503 East 22nd Street.

Others, where only the house is to be demolished, are:

  • 1922 Oak Street
  • 400 Washington Street
  • 3726 East 28th Street
  • 912 Grant Street
  • 213 East Crowder Road

Bids are sought for demolitions only. Asbestos inspection and abatement of hazardous materials will be done by others. Debris including concrete steps and walks are to be disposed of according to Department of Natural Resources regulations.

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