Missouri State Fair now accepting livestock and competitive exhibit entries

Missouri State Fair 2020

Entries are now being accepted for 2020 Missouri State Fair livestock shows and competitive exhibits. Most entries will be accepted online through the Premium Guide, a comprehensive tool for exhibitors, and some may be accepted via a paper entry form, available on the Fair’s website.

Due to budgetary restrictions for the 2020 Missouri State Fair, no open show livestock premiums will be offered. Premiums will be paid for 4-H and FFA junior livestock show placings as in previous years. Standard entry fees will still apply. Premiums sponsored by outside groups, businesses, or organizations will still be honored. 4-H/FFA junior livestock shows exhibitors must complete the Vendor Input Form to receive premium payment.

General Reminders for Exhibitors

All exhibitors, except beef cattle, must bring their own bedding during the 2020 Fair. Livestock exhibitors are also expected to bring their own feed – additional feed and bedding will not be available for purchase during the Fair. As part of the 2020 pilot bedding project, beef cattle exhibitors will be provided Premium Missouri Mulch bedding for $10 per head to be paid along with entries. No other bedding will be allowed for beef cattle including sawdust, pellets, etc. Dairy cattle exhibitors may continue adding straw to the bedding. All exhibitors should practice good environmental stewardship, keeping the bedding clean and free of glass, plastics, cans, and other trash for the purposes of the Fair’s recycling agreement

4-H/FFA livestock exhibitors will not be entered automatically entered in the open show. An open show fee is required. No entries will be accepted during the Fair. This includes 4-H/FFA exhibitors wishing to enter open shows which is done separately from the youth show entry. All entries must be made and feed paid in compliance with stated deadlines prior to the Fair.