Missouri State Auditor announces beginning of audit for Jackson County Assessment Department

Audit Graphic

State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick announced that his office has started a comprehensive review of the process used in Jackson County to assess property values. The State Auditor’s Office officially began the audit of the Jackson County Assessment Department on Monday, September 25.

“Our team will conduct a thorough examination of the assessment process with a focus on the red flags and serious concerns raised by homeowners throughout Jackson County. We realize time is of the essence and will move as efficiently as possible to conduct our review, but it’s important for everyone to understand that a comprehensive audit is a lengthy process that will take months to complete,” said Auditor Fitzpatrick. “We will work diligently and as quickly as we can to provide much-needed answers to the tens of thousands of concerned Jackson County homeowners.”

After receiving numerous complaints from Jackson County residents who were alarmed by significantly higher assessed valuations of their homes, Fitzpatrick announced an initial investigation of the assessment process on August 4. The investigation was focused on the large increases in assessed value, issues with the appeal process, and questions about the qualifications of Tyler Technologies personnel to make reassessment decisions.

Because state law does not provide the State Auditor’s Office with the discretion to initiate an audit in Jackson County, the office was originally limited to conducting an investigation. However, on August 21 the Jackson County Legislature adopted a resolution formally inviting the State Auditor’s Office to conduct a comprehensive audit of the 2023 property assessment process.

Individuals may provide confidential information for consideration during the audit to the State Auditor’s Whistleblower Hotline at 800-347-8597, by email at [email protected], or by visiting this link.