Court sides with Missouri Attorney General in pro-life battle

Judge with gavel at desk
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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that his office has secured a significant court victory in defense of Missouri’s unborn children. After Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker sued the Attorney General to overturn all of Missouri’s pro-life laws, the St. Louis Circuit Court granted his motion to dismiss her entire challenge.

“Today marks a significant triumph for women and their unborn children as a Missouri court has once again sided with our office in our endeavors to uphold the sanctity of life,” stated Attorney General Bailey. “The Court acknowledged that Jean Peters Baker lacks the grounds to challenge our pro-life laws. My office remains committed to utilizing every resource available to safeguard the unborn. Our children deserve this battle.”

Missouri’s law, which protects life at every stage of pregnancy, was enacted just six minutes after the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision, which returned the power to regulate abortion to the states. In January 2023, abortion activists launched a lawsuit against this law and other pro-life statutes. Attorney General Bailey responded by filing a motion to dismiss the activists’ challenge. On June 30, the Court consented to dismiss ten of the eleven challenges presented by the activists.

Subsequently, Jean Peters Baker endeavored to revive those challenges by lodging a cross-claim against Attorney General Bailey within the same lawsuit. The court’s decision today firmly denies her efforts to overturn Missouri’s pro-life regulations.

The Court’s official document approving General Bailey’s motion to dismiss is accessible by clicking or tapping this link.

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