Missouri State Auditor unveils 2023 federal forfeiture details

Handcuffs on Money
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Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick has released his office’s compilation of 2023 federal forfeiture reports. Law enforcement agencies that participate in the federal asset forfeiture system are required to file information regarding federal seizures and proceeds with the State Auditor’s Office.

State and local law enforcement agencies can seize money and property from individuals and organizations involved in illegal activities. These agencies, when participating in federal investigations that result in forfeitures, may request a portion of the recovered funds through the system.

In 2023, 646 Missouri law enforcement agencies were identified as potential participants in the federal asset forfeiture system. Of these agencies, 124 filed reports. During their fiscal year, they reported receiving nearly $7.1 million and spending over $8.7 million. The remaining 522 agencies did not file a report, as they were not required to participate in the system. A complete list of the reporting agencies with the amounts reported is included in the full report.

The information in this compilation report is gathered from copies of the federal form “ACA Form – Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification” submitted by law enforcement agencies to the State Auditor’s Office.

In February, the State Auditor released a compilation of 2023 Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act seizure reports submitted by prosecuting attorneys and the Attorney General. A complete copy of today’s compilation report on funds received by law enforcement agencies through the federal forfeiture system is available online by clicking or tapping this link.

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