Missouri 4-H and University of Missouri Extension launch new crop event

University if MIssouri 4-H Crop Scouting website
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Missouri 4-H youths and volunteers can learn about common Missouri crops, insects, diseases, disorders, weeds, and pesticide safety through a new 4-H Crop Scouting program.

The inaugural event is July 19 at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Farm, about 8 miles east of Columbia. “Missouri 4-H is very excited to be bringing state-level opportunities to youth who are involved in agronomy and plant science projects,” said Maria Calvert, MU Extension state 4-H agriculture and natural resources educator.

“This is an area that has needed to grow, and with the help of our MU Extension colleagues we will be able to offer a great opportunity for young people to develop and test their knowledge and skills in this area,” Calvert said.

“We have extension specialists at the state and regional levels who are eager to connect with the next generation,” said Mandy Bish, MU Extension integrated pest management coordinator. “These specialists focus on solutions to common Missouri agronomic problems, and this event will provide a great opportunity for these MU experts to interact with future agriculture professionals.”

For more information, visit this link.

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