Livingston County Health Center to offer testing for STIs

Livingston County Health Center
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The rising rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Missouri and nationwide are a serious matter. The Livingston County Health Center, in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, is leading an initiative to combat this issue. They are offering Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing by appointment, not only at their facility but also in six additional counties within Region H.

STIs affect individuals of all ages, but young people bear a disproportionate share of the burden. Although only representing a quarter of sexually active individuals, people under 25 account for half of all STIs.

Awareness of one’s STI status is crucial for halting further transmission. Upon learning of an infection, individuals can take measures to safeguard their health and that of their partners. Untreated STIs can lead to infertility, discomfort, and damage to various body parts.

The testing process for HIV & Syphilis involves a simple finger-stick and yields results within approximately 30 minutes.

Should a test for HIV return positive, the individual will be directed to the Andrew County Health Department for Case Management. This service facilitates access to available resources and treatments.

Similarly, a positive Syphilis test result leads to the provision of antibiotic treatment through the local health department.

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