Livingston County Commissioners to meet with township officials regarding needs

Livingston County Courthouse

Livingston County Commissioners are to meet with township officials on Tuesday regarding needs.

Blue mound, Cream Ridge, Green, Monroe, Mooresville, and Sampsel township officials are to meet with the Livingston County Commissioners Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock.

Chillicothe, Fairview, Grand River, Medicine, Rich Hill, and Wheeling township officials are to meet with the commissioners Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Commissioners meet with Tonya Lohman of the Missouri Department of Transportation Thursday morning at 11 o’clock concerning MoDOT projects.

Other topics for Livingston County Commissioners during their Tuesday and Thursday sessions include county road and bridge matters, administrative duties, and any other business deemed necessary.

The sessions begin at 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Livingston County courthouse in Chillicothe.