Light docket presents itself in Tuesday session of Grundy County court

Court News

Among cases in the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court, preliminary hearings were waived for three defendants with their cases advancing to the March 14th docket for division one of the circuit court at Trenton.

Patrick Shaun Michael of Trenton faces charges for alleged possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest for a felony on November 17th.

Ayrick Armand Redden of Trenton faces two felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance February 8th. Certified to the higher court was a misdemeanor of assault in the fourth degree.

Gilman City resident Menno Stutzman faces multiple charges from October 31st including driving while intoxicated prior or persistent offender, driving while his license was revoked or suspended, careless and imprudent driving involving an accident, and operating a vehicle owned by another while knowing the owner had not maintained financial responsibility.