Laredo and Linn County R-1 report enrollment numbers on first day of school

Back To School, Are You Ready?

Two area schools started classes on Tuesday and are reporting enrollment numbers.

Laredo R-7 reports a total opening day enrollment of 42 students in kindergarten through eighth grade which is up five from last year’s first day. Kindergarten and eighth-grade tie for the largest class at Laredo with seven in each. There are three students each in first, second, fourth, and sixth grades.

Linn County R-1 of Purdin reports total first-day enrollment of 195 students in preschool through 12th grade which is a decrease of 15 students from last year. The largest class at Linn County is 10th grade with 22 and the smallest class is first grade with eight students. There are 20 students in preschool.