Judge Tom Alley presides over Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court

Division One of Circuit Court

Among cases on Thursday in Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court, A Chicago, Illinois man, George Ernie Almond, received a prison sentence and then was placed on probation after he pleaded guilty to fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance from a Trenton business on January 28th.

Judge Tom Alley ordered a sentence of seven years with the Department of Corrections. Execution of the sentence was stayed and Almond was placed on five years probation. Conditions include entering and successfully completing the New Beginnings Sober Living Home program for men within 120 days, pay $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund, and serve 15 days for shock incarceration.

Another Chicago, Illinois resident arrest following investigation of the incident, Pierre Celestine, is to appear next month (March 12) in Circuit Court on charges of fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance.

A Trenton resident, Jerry Dean Reeder, admitted to a probation violation. Probation was revoked and the court ordered that a previously-issued prison sentence of four years be served. Reeder’s original charges were felony stealing and sexual misconduct or attempt involving a child under 15. Judge Alley noted the sentence is concurrent with one issued in Daviess County. The court noted restitution of $4,416.00 remains in place for the Grundy County charge.

Trenton resident Russel Lee Louderback pleaded guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the second degree from a June 13th fatality accident. The imposition of sentence was suspended and Louderback was placed on five years probation. He’s to pay $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund, surrender his driver’s license, and complete the restorative justice program.

Chillicothe resident Joseph Stanton pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of assault in the fourth degree. The imposition of sentence was suspended and Stanton was placed on two years probation. He also was ordered to complete an anger management program. The case was moved on a change of venue to Grundy, from Harrison County.

Two defendants, Scott Lee Sims of Spickard and Madison Lewis of Princeton saw probations continue after admitting to a probation violation. An additional condition requires Sims and Lewis to complete the CODS program which is court-ordered detention sanctions. Both have felony drug possession charges.

Probation was continued but conditions were added for Clifford Neff and Keylee Erika Vestal, both of Trenton. They are to enter and complete the Third Circuit Court treatment program.