Judge to rule Thursday on Greitens’ legal team request for dismissal

Governor Eric Greitens

Judge Rex Burlison says he will rule Thursday on the defense team’s request to dismiss a felony invasion of privacy indictment against Governor Greitens.

Jill Enders reports for the Missourinet.



At issue is the defense accusing the prosecutor of withholding evidence in the case. This stems from the circuit attorney’s office turning over a videotape deposition last week of the woman with whom the governor had an affair. Initially, the tape was said to be unavailable because the machine malfunctioned.

The Circuit Attorney’s Office says it turned over the videotaped deposition and an investigator’s notes once they learned the tape was viewable and the notes existed. According to a court transcript, Defense Attorney Scott Rosenblum said: “Ms. Gardner is either guilty of gross incompetence or perjury.” Reporting in St. Louis, Jill Enders, Missourinet.