Judge sets bond conditions for teenager who escaped custody after court appearance in Maysville

Gavel and Law book

The bond was amended Wednesday for a Cameron resident police say fled on foot from the DeKalb County Courthouse in Maysville Monday after a court appearance.

Eighteen-year-old James Larue’s bond on felony escape or attempted escape from custody while under arrest for a felony after consideration of the evidence to $50,000 cash only with special conditions, including report regularly to Supervision Services and follow all directives.

Larue is required to seek employment, maintain employment, or commence an education program; not possess a firearm; and not possess alcohol or a controlled substance without a valid prescription. He was originally being held without bond on that charge, and a preliminary hearing is scheduled in the Associate Division of DeKalb County Circuit Court on December 2nd.

Larue’s original charges were the felonies of assault first degree or attempt—serious physical injury or special victim and armed criminal action, with a bond of $50,000.

Law enforcement previously reported Larue was taken into custody at the Jones Travel Plaza of Cameron about an hour after he escaped from the DeKalb County Courthouse.