Judge Daren Adkins honored with top Missouri Supreme Court award

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CJ Russell and Judge Darren AdkinsJudge Ryan Horsman, presiding judge of the 43rd Circuit, has announced that Judge Daren L. Adkins is the recipient of the Missouri Supreme Court Judicial Excellence Award. 

Associate Circuit Judge, from Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Russell stated the award recognizes judges “who serve the judiciary diligently and with integrity, lead by example, and help provide the citizens of Missouri with the quality of justice they demand and deserve.” Russell lauded Judge Adkins for his “distinguished service, unmatched work ethic, willingness to help fellow judges in all manner of circumstances, and tremendous knowledge of law and procedure. He is a true asset to the judiciary.”

Horsman noted that Judge Adkins recently completed an assignment standing in for Circuit Judge Brent Elliott, Division 2, while Judge Elliott recuperated from an accident in March 2023. “Judge Adkins not only fulfilled his duties as the associate circuit judge in Daviess County but also handled all the civil and criminal matters that would have been heard by Judge Elliott throughout the entire 43rd Circuit. All judges of the 43rd Circuit join me in congratulating Judge Adkins on this well-deserved award,” Horsman said.

Judge Adkins has served as the associate circuit judge in Daviess County for 25 years. He has been appointed by the Missouri Supreme Court to handle complex matters across northwest Missouri, acted as interim presiding judge for the 43rd Circuit, and has been the 43rd Circuit’s Drug Treatment and Employment Court judge since its inception in 2015.

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