Jamesport Tri-County Board of Education amends attendance policy

Jamesport Tri-County School

The Jamesport Tri-County Board of Education approved an amendment to the attendance policy the evening of Thursday, August 6th after discussion of COVID-19 planning. All student absences will be excused with parent notification. The change was made so families would use the symptom checklist to screen students at home without fear of running out of excused absences.

The board set the tuition rate for 2020-2021 at $6,375. The rate is based on money the state uses to calculate per-pupil funding.

A one-year rate from Home Exchange Bank was selected for a $150,000 certificate of deposit at .75% average percentage rate.

The board approved the Conflict of Interest Ordinance and the state plan as the Local Compliance Plan for Special Education.

Jamesport Tri-County’s tax rate hearing will be in the superintendent’s office on the evening of August 20th at 6 o’clock.

An executive session was held for personnel and student records.