Instructor-led Tai Chi sessions offered at Livingston County Health Center

Tai Chi

The Livingston County Health Center of Chillicothe has announced the addition of instructor-led practice sessions of Tai Chi for Health.

The instructor-led sessions will be in the health center classroom Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10 o’clock January 22nd through March 18th. Self-led practice sessions are held Monday and Thursday mornings at 9 o’clock throughout the year.

Individuals who have already taken Tai Chi at the Livingston County Health Center, Grand River Multipurpose Center, or YMCA, all of Chillicothe, are encouraged to attend. Those who would like to know more about tai chi or have a general knowledge of the form are also welcome.

The health center describes tai chi as “a life-changing exercise perfect for 60 and older or those living with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions that cause balance issues and joint pain.”

Contact the Livingston County Health Center for more information on the free instructor-led or self-led sessions of Tai Chi for Health at 660-646-5506.