Hawley demands answers from Washington University Transgender Center after further evidence of experimental treatment of Minors

Transgender news graphic with Medical Background

 U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sent a letter demanding that Washington University in St. Louis and BJC Healthcare conduct a fresh evaluation of the practices at The Washington University Transgender Center. Recent reporting from the New York Times validated claims made by Jamie Reed, a former case manager at the Center, that the Center commenced experimental treatments on hundreds of minors and lacked appropriate safeguards.

“As you have no doubt seen, the New York Times recently published a report which corroborates Jamie Reed’s allegations about the practices at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital,” wrote Senator Hawley. “In some cases, the Times contradicts representations your institutions previously made to my office. You have thus far refused to provide my office with documents regarding the Center, claiming that your internal review revealed no issues at the Center.”

He continued, “This new report demands a fresh evaluation of the Center’s practices. To date, however, you have refused to provide my office with more than 5,000 documents, which I requested in a letter on April 27, 2023. Please provide such documents to my office immediately. Please also explain any apparent discrepancies between the University’s internal review and the Times report, including anything contained in the Times report that you may consider inaccurate.”

In February, Senator Hawley launched an investigation into The Washington University Transgender Center, following allegations of potential malpractice. As part of the investigation, Senator Hawley sent a letter to Washington University Chancellor Andrew Martin and BJC HealthCare President and CEO Liekweg, requesting information about the receipt and use of federal funds in connection with the Center. Chancellor Martin confirmed to Senator Hawley that Washington University would comply with the request within four weeks.

Senator Hawley also introduced the Protecting Our Kids from Child Abuse Actwhich would allow those who were harmed by gender-transition procedures as minors to bring lawsuits against the participating individuals and entities.

Read the full letter here