Grundy County unemployment rate up a full percentage point, northern Mo counties at 4.6% to 7.8%


Grundy County’s unemployment rate went up by a full percentage point when comparing August with July. Those are the most recent months available from the state of Missouri in a county by county listing of the jobless rates.

Online information shows Grundy County’s August rate is five point six percent, which is based on 248 people out of work from a civilian labor force of 4,435. Grundy County’s rate is still less than the statewide unemployment rate of seven point one percent, however, Grundy County’s rate this August is higher than the three-point nine percent noted one year ago.

Linn is the only Green Hills county with a jobless rate above the state average with Linn County reporting seven point eight percent.

Other area counties have rates ranging from four and a half percent in Mercer County up to five point seven percent in Daviess county. Other counties in northern Missouri are reporting in with Chariton 4.6%; Sullivan 4.8%; Livingston 4.9%; Harrison and Putnam at 5.3%; Carroll 5.4%; Caldwell 5.6%.