Grundy County Health Department reports COVID-related death; Five health departments report on new cases of COVID

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Death

The Grundy County Health Department reports an additional COVID-19-related death. That brings the total to 63.

The health department will now include reinfections and home tests in its case report. A backlog of 49 reinfections and home test cases that occurred before January 1st has been added to the total number of cases.

There have been 150 COVID-19 cases in the past seven days for Grundy County. The total is reported as 2,425. There are 160 active cases.

A re-infection is described as when a person becomes infected with COVID-19, time passes, and the person becomes infected again. Individuals are considered to have been reinfected if they test positive again at least 90 days after their first positive test.

The Grundy County Health Department notes that only a fraction of home tests may be reported, but the office provides guidance on self-isolation for individuals who report home tests.

The Livingston County Health Center reports 27 COVID-19 cases have been added since January 26th, raising the total to 3,152. There are 290 active cases.

Livingston County sewer shed data now show 100% Omicron variant. The health center notes the variant is highly contagious, which may play a part in Livingston County’s record-breaking number of cases.

The Sullivan County Health Department January 27th confirmed 17 additional COVID-19 cases since January 26th. That brought the total to 1,601, with 48 active cases.

Twelve COVID-19 cases have been added for Harrison County since January 25th. The county’s COVID-19 dashboard shows that, as of January 26th, there were 1,893 total cases. The number of active cases decreased by two to 33. There had been 1,461 confirmed cases and 432 probable cases for Harrison County.

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